Friday, February 21, 2020
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Men's Fashion

Available in a variety of styles, JB Fashion’s men’s clothing selection is fun and up to date.

In addition to having a wide selection of men’s skateboarding apparel, JB fashions carries well-known brands such as Woolrich, Chaps, Private Member and Projek Raw. Our Men’s collection, updated constantly, includes a wide selection of:

  • T-Shirts 
  • Pants and Shorts
  • Outerwear
  • Men’s Accessories 

Finding the Right Look

JB Fashions spends time focusing on offering a diversified men’s clothing collection. In our store, you’ll find apparel suitable to many different styles.

Our men’s style selection is a great collection to peruse for a gift or for some retail therapy.  Our selection of supplies is what really sets JB Fashions apart.

Fashionable Styles

Some of our clothing brands include: 

  • Private Member
  • Projek Raw 
  • Suko
  • Ecko
  • Zoo York
  • Point Zero
  • Chaps
  • Woolrich
  • Affliction
  • Young & Reckless

For more about the brands we carry, check out the Skateboarding, and Ladies’ clothing pages. 

Woolrich Plaid Shirts

Long associated with outdoor clothing, Woolrich clothing proudly produces high quality and fashionable outdoor and work clothes. Loving the classic Buffalo Check Shirt and the Railway Vest, JB Fashions enjoys selling the tried, tested and true Woolrich brand.

Affliction Tee

Grim Reaper t-shirt from Affliction's collection.

Affliction Hoodie

Grey hoodie from Affliction features a cool graphic on the back

Point Zero Men's Wear

Point Zero’s men’s clothing adds a sexy style to any wardrobe. As a Canadian apparel company, Point Zero distributes it clothing nationwide and has become a brand we love.

Montreal's Projek Raw Men's Clothing

As a Canadian brand, Projek Raw’s clothing has a unique Montreal street vibe.

Chaps Striped Polo

Chaps striped polo shirts are a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Chap's Classic Men's Clothing

Established in 1978, Chaps has become a highly recognizable and loved American Brand. With its nautical influence, Chaps men’s clothing line specializes in button up shirts, polos and jeans. 

Chaps Striped Polo shirts are great to wear on Niagara's waters.

With a distinct nautical flair, Chaps is a great brand to wear when on Niagara’s waters.

Men's Jacket by Point Zero

Point Zero's men’s jackets make stylish additions to the young urbanite’s wardrobe.

Affliction Men's Wear

Based in California, the Affliction line of clothing specializes in graphic t-shirts, polos, thermals and denim. With its MMA community origins, Affliction has morphed to embrace Vintage, Tattoo, Rock & Roll and Impact Sports cultures. 

Men's Jackets

Vibrant men’s spring and fall jackets make handsome wardrobe additions.

Projek Raw Graphic T Shirt

Graphic t-shits are Projek Raw’s design strength.