Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Men’s and ladies’ skateboarding fashions are rapidly becoming the hottest and most widely worn style today. Apparel companies like Zoo York and Ecko have made the clothing in high demand for their wear-ability and their look.

JB Fashion’s skateboarding apparel includes:

  • T-Shirts
  • Outerwear
  • Shorts
  • Swimming Apparel 
  • Accessories
  • Bags

Just like our men’s clothing and women’s clothing, out Skateboarding stock is constantly updated – Keeping you and your style competitive.

Young and Reckless Tank

Created by MTV’s Rob Dyrdek, Young and Reckless is a brand that creates a line of clothing filled with drama. Capturing the reckless and young lifestyle of today’s youth, JB Fashions carries this clothing line for its playfulness and its originality. Graphic tanks with graffiti inspiration show off Young and Reckless’s design strength.

Young and Reckless Shorts

Loud and colourful shorts are eye-catching and distinctive. 

Zoo York Skateboarding Fashoins

Founded in the 70’s, Zoo York began as an underground movement inspiring and supporting local artists, b-boys and skateboarders. Currently, Zoo York is an established brand with an “unbreakable East Coast attitude and dialect.” Zoo York’s clothing line is inspired by graffiti and military style, producing a utilitarian and stylish menswear collection. 

Grey Zoo York Hoodie

Large graphics inspired by graffiti is what Zoo York Clothing is all about.

Black Ecko Hoodie

Founded by Marc Ecko in the early 90’s, Ecko clothing is a now widely worn label. Largely associated with hip-hop and graffiti styles, the brand is known for its urban lifestyle flair.

Zoo York Jacket and Cap

Specializing in urban wear, Zoo York spins out great skateboarding style accessories.

T Shirt from Young and Reckless

Updated baseball t-shirts like these are wicked style picks.

Echo Board Shorts

Board Shorts like these from Ecko look awesome both at play and while just hanging out.